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Have a taste of krotakake!

Each friday during the summer holiday women from the local organisation Vikebyg og Aga bygdekvinnelag heaten the owen in the baking house. The nice smell of freshly baked krotakake fills the air while the women rolls their rolling pins.

Krotakake is a traditional thin crisp bread. Unlike the most known Norwegian crisp bread flatbrød this bread is baked whith yeast. To keep the bread thin it is used a spesial kind of roller which makes a significant square pattern on the bread. The bread can either be served dry or soft, often with butter, or sugar, or a spesial brown cheese called prim. We also serve krotakake in the café.

Additional pictures

  • Krotakake - Traditional crisp bread made of rye, flour, water, salt and yeast.
  • Spesial rolling pins are used.
  • The bread is baked in an owen using firewood of Elder.
  • The smoke from the Elder wood gives good taste to the bread.