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Vakkert perlebroderi

In Hardanger and Voss Museum you can experience a variety of exhibitions:   
Temporary and permanent exhibitions ranging from Norwegian history to contemporary art. 

In 2017 you can see these exhibitions and more: 

Where have we been?

Art exhibition on display at The Art Centre Kabuso January 14 - February 12 2017:  

Norwegian Landscapes

Knud Knudsen (1832-1915) was the first photographer to travel all over Norway taking photographs. He was active between 1862 to 1900 and his photographs being among the firs...

Open Air Museum

Outdoors you will find 20 houses showing building traditions and every day life from the 13th to the 20th century.

Hardanger embroidery

This world known embroidery has its origin in the Hardanger district.

The Hardanger costume

Documentation of the local costume traditions is one of our main fields. At our exhibition you may view some of the exclusive pieces from our collections.

The Hardanger Fiddle

The Hardanger fiddle has been played and produced in Hardanger since the 17th century.